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Sargas Life Sciences Pvt.Ltd is a new growing face in MARKETING of Various Speciality Products, we provide fresh, innovative products and ideas that meet unmet physician and patient needs.

Management & Structure

Sargas Life Sciences prides itself on the experience and abilities of its board members, managers and field force.

The management team of Sargas Life Sciences has a thorough understanding of the products, theMARKETS and the distribution channels required to satisfy the evolving demand of the domestic market.

This knowledge has enabled the development of a robust business model capable of rapid and diverse growth, despite the underlying differences between each MARKET Sargas Life Sciences has entered in.

The senior management team has had experience in the following areas:

  • Over 11 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management with several multinational and Indian companies

  • In-depth knowledge of Technical & Regulatory norms and requirements in the Indian market

  • Extensive experience with various pharmaceutical commercialization activities around the nation

  • Strong knowledge and experience with primary and secondary therapeutic categories.